Friday, January 23, 2015

American Horror Story: Freak Show Finale left some loose threads

I waited with anticipation to watch the fourth season finale of American Horror Story but I was leftg with a few unanswered questions.

WARNING: Spoiler Alerts Follow This Text!!
The end was as shocking as it was somewhat uplifting in the end, While Dandy Mott finally gained his wish to be the star of the show, Elsa Mars went on to a run on television and Jimmy Darling is finally with the Bette and Dot Tattler but:
Where is Del at the end of the finale? Did he go to hell for murdering Ma Petit?
Meep was never avenged nor did I see him at the end of the show. Did they forget about him?
I originally thought that the Elsa Mars character was going to become the older nun on 'Asylum' but I guess I was mistaken.
Jimmy Darling was broken free of police custody (causing the deaths of two more police officers) while being transported back to prison. He was initially arrested for the six murders of the Tupperware women but how did he beat the rap?
Who buried the freaks in a mass grave? The one woman allegedly weighed 800 pounds and she would hardly be movable by Jimmy and Desiree let alone just Jimmy.
What happened to the mutilated Stanley?
Despite these questions, I find that the writing for the show is top grade and it is truly unpredictable from episode to episode. I will be looking forward to the fifth season.
A Jaded Bard

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