Sunday, January 25, 2015

Amusing Altered Pictures/Political Humor

New company policies can be a bit wearing at first but at least you will be allowed to defend yourself. Text on Picture:
Attention all Staff RE: New Policy
Starting immediately, all personnel will arm themselves before reporting to their work area. The most effective way to keep massive egos in check is through the Opinion/Editorial section of a newspaper but as of late, several people lost their lives because a military conquest disguised as a religion of peace still refuses to grow up. It is okay for these people to show disrespect to other religions but they somehow think their Prophet Muhammad is out of bounds regarding the same treatment. Here is some 411: He isn't and as long as you condone omnicide, decapitate innocent people and vow to kill and destroy anyone and anything that doesn't conform to your myopic world view, your prophet and your faith will be lampooned and subject to ridicule. Attacking a newsroom using deadly force will no longer be tolerated.
Keep an eye on your new Employee ID Badges (With FundieTracker(TM)). When your badge
starts flashing red on black, it will be time to lock and load and kill the next and subsequent waves of intolerant dysgenes hell bent on wreaking havoc. You will own then at the same time ceasing to be a victim.

Level Green: Those of the Islamic faith are behaving. Code Yellow: Al-Taqiyyah  is on the rise; Muslims giving infidels dirty looks. Code Red: Muslims waving around firearms and celebrating yet another omnicide attack. Code Black: Angry and armed intrusion at your place of employment. Do not stop firing until warning level abates. (Maintenance will collect the dead.)

This summarizes how I see the above picture. From now on, terrorist cowards that cover their faces will be said to be wearing mouth or face diapers (A good term considering the shit that comes out of their mouths.) while calling them cowards is truly a no-brainer.

It looks like Japan has gone full circle as ISIS threatens to kill two Japanese hostages unless 200 million dollars is paid.  If the ransom is paid, it will only empower ISIS that much more but if a suitable objection is raised.....

I do not believe in Political Correctness, As always, any and all commentary is welcome. Until the next post.....

A Jaded Bard

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