Thursday, November 24, 2005

Another year is gone.......

24 November 2005

Well, it has been a while since I last posted; you know how life gets you caught up in one thing or another. I had decided to pursue a masters Degree in Education, but I got over that challenge quickly enough. I moderate on a IRC channel called #politics. It is easier to refute liberal arguments in that venue versus listening to one prate on and on about this and that. I am expected to pay money for that? And when you are expected to use a Style guide, the professor uses her own arbitrary one? She was using a term called Rubric; one of the definitions of that word is an ossified, dogmatic rule set. This one fit the class to a T. The work itself was Mickey Mouse bull; I could write a research paper. The aggravation she added to the equation, I do not need that at all. I am happy with the Bachelor’s Degree I hold in IT. Let’s see, what else. Yeah, in less than two hours, I will be forty three years old. I do not feel old most of the time, but at times I do. Someone said once that I have old eyes; I wonder what that means. I work as a donor greeter at a local Goodwill store. I greet the donor’s and move their donations in and sort them. When I am not doing that, they have me pricing books and such, but I am not in any way mesmerized: They want me to greet the donors because most of them are too ******** lazy to do the job them selves all day. I suppose that I am required to have some idea what I want to do with the rest of my life, but at this time, I have not one clue. I think that I will continue buying brass figurines for my menagerie (which is growing), wait for some real estate to sell, then I guess go from there. Oh, and I will continue reading, the one real enjoyment I have these days. I know what I know, so do not look for an APA style list of references; it is not here. Instead, how about a debate on #politics? (