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The Attacks on Paris - Europe's Wakeup Call

Let me first express my condolences regarding the dead and wounded in the attacks. War shouldn't be made upon the innocents  but it is they who are too often the victims of such atrocities.

Who in hell am I?

I am an American (no, I do not wear a serape and carry a loaded Colt .45 waiting to settle any argument with hot lead.) and I live in the USA. Unlike France (A Socialist Democracy), the USA (A Constitutional Republic) gives me something dangerous called freedom. I can refer to the US President as a moron (he is), I can call politicians liars and cheats (they are) and I can refer to the IRS as a criminal organization that steals money from me all year long (They are and they do) without having to worry about being disappeared or worse. This blog post will be in two parts and I recommend that you read both of them in order to get a proper perspective on matters.

To France (and the rest of Western Europe)

Congratulations!! (Sarcasm) You may have heard the phrase 'You reap what you sow' but now you are reaping what you have sown down through the centuries. When you sow intolerance and refusal to integrate and assimilate the immigrants within your borders, you reap a class of citizen who is all but told that 'you can live in (our country) but you will never be of (our country)'. This causes resentment which when it festers long enough can lead to hatred and actions based on that hatred.

Europe really hasn't changed over the centuries; it still is an elitist and classist place where the native born consider the immigrants no better than shit stuck on their shoes. The Jews used to be the favorite target but now there is a much better one at hand. What do you think a Syrian or an Algerian will do if they are told they can live in France but will never be considered French? They have to identify with something because that is how humans are. It is doubtful that they will identify with the governments in their places of origin because that is probably what they are escaping so they will identify with the only other unifying aspect of their lives: their religion. As such, these immigrants will pay attention to an alleged 'Islamic Scholar' before they pay attention to a government who considers them to be subhuman filth and if this scholar exhorts violence against those seen as their oppressors.... you get the picture.

Because these immigrants don't identify as French, you will have no way to deal with them and as their numbers swell, more violence will be the result. You can no longer sweep this issue under the rug because this will start happening in other European countries with the same classist mindset. You need to start assimilating and integrating these people into your society  because if they can identify as French, perhaps they will set their religion aside (or not be as extreme).

This is not to say that Europe is totally in the wrong. Secular government is the only type of government that works. Theocracy (Shari'a Law) doesn't. As long as they don't infringe upon others, Muslims should be free to worship God in the way they choose but it needs to be made clear to them that Shari'a Law is suborned to Secular Law. The latter also needs to be applied  in a non partisan fashion. Those attacking Muslims in France at the moment are also violating the law.

To those behind the Paris Attacks (and those of Islam)

Congratulations! (Sarcasm) Even now I am hearing and reading about the praise heaped upon the omniciders by various hard line Islamic leaders. This is nothing new. While there might actually be some Muslims that condemn the attack, there will be many others who will dissimilate on the matter. They will allegedly express condolences regarding the dead but then they will also say that if more understanding were shown to Muslims, the violence would end. Once this 'more understanding' is in place, more violence will occur and it continues in a deadly cycle until Islam has control. Once that happens, Shari'a law and intolerance follow close behind. This is how fundamentalist Islam takes over secular countries but this time you may have stepped over the line.

There are those saying the attack wasn't from Islamic State  but the usage of omnicider rigs spells out Muslim. Algerian Separatists could also have been involved but ISIS claimed responsibility so let's see what the omniciders have won for their cause!

Free ammunition for the French Nationalists & the Communards

You may say that you are Omniciding for peace but that is just another filthy lie. Even in places where most everyone is Muslim (Dar Es Salaam), these senseless attacks still occur. Salaam means peace while Islam means submission. You have not only angered the nationalists (like the LePen contingent), there are other extremist groups in France who despise immigrants. The French equivalent of a skinhead would probably be one of the Communards.

The Communards are a violent socialist contingent that is pro France and anti immigrant. They attempted to overthrow the French government in 1870 and in the early 1950's but were stopped by the military. If you persist in attacking French citizens, you will find yourselves attacked in return.

You may cause a change in Administration but it is not one you will like.

The Madrid attacks succeeded in a governmental change because the PM mistakenly attributed the attacks to Basque Separatists. A little research and comparison might have stopped the vote but the French President (who is a socialist) has called this attack perfectly. There will be no blame faux pas this time and now Europe has a warning message. A simple Vote of No Confidence could throw down the Hollande Administration and it would probably be replaced with an Anti-Immigration contingent.

Your Al-Taqiyyah has been exposed

What will happen in the aftermath of the attacks is largely predictable. There will be some who will feign concern for the dead and wounded but they will follow it with statements that people need to be more tolerant of Islam and its customs... which will be followed by even more violence. This is how Islam takes over secular countries. There are those (like myself) who have read the Qur'an and Hadith and we know dissimilation when we see it. Lying is lying and crocodile tears will only gain you more resentment.

Each attack only polarizes matters and causes more Anti-Islamic sentiment

I still can't fully grasp the sort of mindset that would allow someone to gloat over the deaths of innocent citizens. Humanity is finally running out of patience for those of that sort. While we might become insulated against the horror of such attacks, we are watching to see who condemns them. In my mindset, failure to condemn means to condone so any not condemning the Paris attacks must agree with those who perpetrated them. Is it any wonder that people have trouble separating the peaceful Muslims from the violent ones when there is such silence following a massacre? You can say that they 'don't represent Islam' all that you want but they have Qur'ans, they pray to Allah and they are quick to call those who don't agree with them 'infidels'. The aforementioned argument doesn't hold any water.

If you really want to show the world that there are peaceful Muslims, then start exterminating or marginalizing the extremist elements of your religion. Every single omnicider attack will make your job that much harder and will alienate more people regarding your efforts.

A Jaded Bard

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