Sunday, March 24, 2013

Eerie resemblances, North Korea and our useless Congress

Despite the person in charge saying it is nonsense, the resemblance of this Moroccan actor to the current US President can't be denied. He looks like an old and embittered Obama or perhaps he is a cross between Obama and Palpatine (from Star Wars). This might not be the first modification made, but it probably won't be the last. The Russian sentences  have something to do with watching out for Polonium salad (a favorite dish for ex KGB agents that speak unkindly of Russia's leader), but it cheers on the wallpaper and other such things that are uploaded by the Russkis ( Putting root kits in various programs and keygens will only piss people off; there is no money to be made in the torrent/ftp/newsgroup scene).

After some test or wargames or such, Kim Jong Un now states that the 1953 Armistice/ Cease Fire is void. When will someone tell that piss monkey that he is no longer relevznt in this day and age? THe first Korean War lasted for three years and was the first salvo in the Cold War to come. Proxy wars and the support of various odius personages as leaders became the new paradigm...until they were killed or deposed one by one. While the People's Republic of China is still run by idiot gerontocrats smitten by Chairman Mao, it will only be a matter of time before the money made by the Chinese capitalists collides with the idiot ideology of "Communism". North Korea's governance will also eventually be swept into a dust bin. If North Korea thinks that the Second Korean War will last as long as the first one, they had best think again. The moment any massive military force is detected crossing the 38th parallel, it will be targeted by an SLBM tactical nuke. If North Korea persists in belligerence after that happens, Pyongyang (or any detected missile launch sites) will be the secondary, tertiary or quaternary targets. Either way, the Second Korean War might last a few hours.We should give North Korea no more aid because it will not find its way to the people that need it.

It appears that we now have a Budget for 2013 but pardon me if I don't hold my breath. It is convenient to be able to download the 2013 Budgbet with a click of my mouse but they should put a caveat or two on the document before you open it. Some highlights:

Department of Education

Provides $69.8 billion in discretionary spending, which is 2.5 percent, or $1.7 billion, above
the 2012 enacted level.

How about eliminating the Department and let the fifty states deal with this matter. Not only are you wasting the money at the federal level, the handouts you will fund with that money wiull have all sorts of onerous mandates attached to it.

Department of Agriculture

Reduces the deficit by $32 billion over 10 years by eliminating direct farm payments,
decreasing subsidies to crop insurance companies,

How about also ENDING government subsidies in the agriculture sector. If the farmers over produce, allow them to sell excess crops on the World Open Market.

Department of Energy

Provides $27.2 billion in discretionary funds, a 3.2 percent increase above the 2012 enacted
level. This request includes increased funding for priority areas such as clean energy,
research and development to spur innovation, and advanced manufacturing. Savings and
efficiencies are achieved through cuts to inefficient and outdated fossil fuel subsidies, low-
priority and low-performing programs, and by concentrating resources on full utilization of
existing facilities and infrastructure.

Companies like Solyndra or the company up in Michigan? Once more, the money you have alloted for this will do more harm than good. Put an end to ALL energy subsidies and if you are going to really invest in clean energy, support Nuclear Fusion Research.

Department of the Treasury

Provides $14 billion in total budgetary resources, including program integrity funding, for
Treasury programs, a reduction of 2.7 percent below the 2012 enacted level when IRS funding
is excluded. Overall, the Department’s budget increases by 6.9 percent, including investments
in robust IRS tax enforcement and compliance initiatives that can return $5 for each dollar

How much is being allotted for the IRS. If you really want reform Mr. President and want top reduce our debt, why not supporetr the Fair Tax Initiative? Oh, I forgot; you think that government knows better than  the electorate. We assuredly wouldn't want to endanger the livelihood of the crooks and thieves in Congress, do we? Withholding is a far more efficient way to steal peoples earnings and the IRS grows and grows with no end in sight.

From what I have read, this Budget is the same old bullshit with a new wrapper.

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