Sunday, September 23, 2012

And Islam...yet again....

The above graphic image is for the benefit of the massive numbers of illiterates in most all of the Muslim countries. There could be some argument (as there was in the USA at one time) that literacy is largely useless in a rural setting but  that won't wash with the numbers of illiterates that these countries have. A person who is illiterate can not speak with their full voice and if they choose the wrong person to speak for them, bad things will happen. If their representative is a moderate, that wouldn't be so bad but I fail to see ANY moderates in places like Egypt (where women are told that they are only useful for breeding purposes) or in Saudi Arabia (where women can't drive) or in Nigeria where it is okay to attack religious edifices that aren't mosques or in Libya where a US Ambassador was killed (That used to be considered an act of war.).It is also apparent that the radical factions have even coopted Libya (but secularism at the barrel of a gun will never work). The Libyan President vows he will bring the killers to justice but  when you consider the twisted way things work in places like Libya, it might be possible that the perpetrators of the murder might be on the same side as the president. It assuredly works that way in Saudi Arabia. It is time to take off the kid gloves and deal with these assholes once and for all. Hopefully I won't be watching as our President starts apologizing to the Muslims for some idiotic movie that may have even been made in the Middle East somewhere. (Does anyone remember the coined term 'Pallywood'? Yasser Arafat was skilled at its use. He would pack ambulances full of wounded with weapons for transport so when Israel bombed the convoys, he could show that Israel was attacking the injured. This sort of crap didn't stop until the fraud of Qana was exposed.) A person in the USA is allegedly behind the making of that movie, but when a SyFy Schlock special can produce better filmography for two million dollars than these trailers allegedly did for five million, I beg to differ. The movie could have easily been made in the ME and sent to YouTube because the illiterate don't speak with their full voice. As to what we can do regarding this latest murderous temper tantrum, we aren't totally powerless.
Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt, Kuwait and the UAE are NOT our allies! The sooner people realize that those countries profess to be helping us while waiting to stick a knife in our back, the better off the US will be. They are at best friendly enemies. Saudi Arabia funds most of the terrorism in the region. It was revealed after Arafat's death that he was getting a monthly stipend from SA to convince  his fellow Palestinians to omnicide. (Peace or pieces?)
Cut off ALL monetary aid to the ME. Israel can survive on its own economically and if the other ME countries have problems without OUR aid money,  maybe they will get a clue.
End any ME oil purchases as soon as possible. We will be much better off if things go south there again. We also need to invest more in nuclear power
Perhaps there are some Muslim factions that seek peace but when the atrocities occur, their voices are conspicuously absent. There are many that say there is no peaceful Islam; it is time for those actually seeking peace to speak up and be heard. If you do not, how will we know you exist?

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