Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Differences Between Ronald Reagan and William Clinton:

Ronald Reagan: Draped in a US Flag
BillClinton: Draped in a Blue Dress

Ronald Reagan: An Honor Guard over his place of Burial
Bill Clinton: A Guard to prevent Dishonoring of his place of Burial

Ronald Reagan: "Tear Down That Wall!"
Bill Clinton: "Take Off That Dress"

Ronald Reagan Legacy: Lower Taxes, Proactive approach in world affairs, defeat of the USSR
Bill Clinton Legacy: Whitewater, Monica, and Impeachment

Ronald Reagan: "Win one for The Gipper"
Bill Clinton: "I did not have sex with that woman!"

Ronald Reagan: Rattled Qaddafi's Bedroom
Bill Clinton: Had Guests in Lincoln's Bedroom

Ronald Reagan: Said No to Drugs
Bill Clinton: Did not inhale (so he said)

Ronald Reagan: Bluffed the USSR into thinking we were going to start a war
Bill Clinton: Bluffed his way through 1992 and 1996

Ronald Reagan: Respected even by his enemies
Bill Clinton: Disrespected by even his friends

Ronald Reagan: Visited Bitburg but Understood Sarajevo
Bill Clinton: Visited degradation on his Office and never Understood Sarajevo

Ronald Reagan: Convincing Speaker that left you with a sense of security
Bill Clinton: Convincing Speaker that left you with a feeling of contempt

Ronald Reagan: Taps
Bill Clinton: Tap Dancing Cabinet Members

Ronald Reagan: His wife, even if the War on Drugs was a mistake, felt it was for the good of the USA
Bill Clinton: His wife was the architect of a truly communistic Health Care system that would have brought Hell to the USA

Ronald Reagan: Took public responsibility for the Iran Contra Affair
Bill Clinton: Lied under Oath

Ronald Reagan: Never wavered in his ideology
Bill Clinton: Whatever ideology that gets him elected

Ronald Reagan: At least attempted to change things for the better
Bill Clinton: Took Credit for Reagan's Changes

Ronald Reagan: Has an Aircraft Carrier named after him
Bill Clinton: To 'Clintonize' is to obfuscate the arbitrary truth

R.I.P. Ronald Wilson Reagan (1911-2004)

Your legacy will be remembered