Sunday, November 04, 2012

A Libertarian Response to Breitbart's video

I watched a seven minute or so video from the late Andrew Breitbart and he makes a very good case  regarding his argument. Either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama will win on Tuesday and no one else has a chyance in hell of coming even close to disrupting that cold hard fact. Here is the  video link:

Before I respond to the video content, I thought that some artwork would be appropriate since I doubt people want to read through a long missive:


My condolences to Mr. Breitbart's family regarding their loss.  I was sent the above video clip by one of my older brothers because while their vote won't make a difference in California, my vote could make a difference in Florida. This argument comes up precisely every four years and it doesn't really change that much:
"Vote for (insert candidate name here - usually GOP) to make sure (insert candidate here - usually Democrat) doesn't win the election!"
If that doesn't work, this is what I will usually hear next:
"A vote for (Any one but the GOP Canditiate) is a vote for (The Democrat Candidate)!"
If any thing changes, it is the amount of stridency and plaintiveness of their desire to be heard. It has gotten progressively worse since 1992 and I have finally reached my saturation poiint. I will not be told how to vote nor will I behave like another lemming headed for a long drop off of a cliff. I am told to see the world as it is versus what I wish it to be but what am I supposed to think when seeing the world as it is leaves a lot to be desired? Am I then supposed to pick from a Demorat or a Republican't (both of) who has FAILED the American people with their BANKRUPT mode of thinking and expect them to actually give a damn past their own self-centered greed and unwillingness to work for the people?
William Clinton won in 1992 due in large part to H. Ross Perot and when the GOP fielded Bob Dole in 1996, they deserved to lose. The election of 2000 was a travesty but McCain-Feingold made sure that no more independents interfered. Even so, the choice of candidates in 2000 was so insipid and pathetic that SCOTUS had to finally declare a victor.  Then we had to put up with eight years of Bush Derangement Syndrome from the pale Socialist left. The GOP scored again by offereing up Kohn McCain (a hack for sure...Charles Keating bought him for ca. $200,000...remember the Keating Five? He was one of them.). With a fouled economy and a non-conservative GOP candidate, what else was there to expect? Obama gained office
Now it is 2012 and once more I hear the moaning on the wind...I must vote for Romney because he will offer me a conservative fig leaf in the form of Paul Ryan as VP...but Vice President's are largely supernumeraries in politics and it won't be Ryan's policies we will will be Romney's...whatever in hell that they are.  If you really wanted me to vote for the GOP ticket Mr. Breitbart, why  isn't there an actual choice? What would change under Romney? Would it be differenent energy entities skating off with taxpayer funds or would an attempt be made to nationalize the oil fields of Nigeria under aegis of Bain Capital?
You see, when you don't bother espousing any REAL solutions to the poroblems that we have, it is as fair of me to suggest that anything is possible under either of your administrations and I am no longer buying into the mantra of vote for us still...we will fix things...yeah right.
The alarm bell has already been thrown; the people who want the USA run according to the Constitution are now referred to as being out of the mainstream but  OUR FOUNDING FATHERS created the Constitution to run this country and by so doing that, they have stated that they ARE the mainstream and thus those we have running for Presidential Office should be deemed as being out of touch. You have had your chance to make things right but you have failed to do so. A protest vote today may be a victory vote for tomorrow.
On November6, 2012, I will be voting for Gary Johnson - The only Conservative Candidate for 2012
And by the way, my vote has nothing to do with voting for Obama; the only votes that are for him are those directly cast in his name. It would be more fair to say that a vote for Romney is a vote for business as usual where nothing will change.and I wouldn't be wroing, would I?

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