Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Where the Nice Men go

Where the Nice Men Go


Alas, your relationship has been split asunder
So long to the security you’ve felt you’ve known
All that time you sat and wondered
Now you truly ARE alone
He turned out not to really want to change
(A drunken coward, quite deranged?)
Or the felonious type that beats his wife
At least for now, you have ended the strife
With kids and/or heartbreak somewhat in hand
You ponder things you wished to know
“Where will I find a decent man?”
I will tell you where the nice men go

We seek not pity of our current plight
If even one who reads this gains insight


In our youth we were excoriated and spurned
(Because we had the gall to treat you with respect?)
Or maybe it was the wages we earned
(“Nah”, you said, “I’d rather try to change neglect!”)
When we were young, we cried and were distressed
As we girded ourselves for an unwinnable war
To know we were at best second best
Yet still we tried, and cried, some more
Then we quivered in rage at the men you would choose
(And wondered how and why dysfunctionality had merit?)
How could you suffer their neglect and abuse?
But we stoically refused to share it
We strived, at the same time, to earn successes’ share
While we watched your choices wreak wrack and ruin
We focused on life; we didn’t live laissez-faire
(While wondering “Does she really know what she is doing?”)

But time heals well, all the wounds, scars, and welts
To neutralize and deaden the Angst that we felt


Now we finally discovered the fault was not ours!
(We did not choose a mentally myopic view!)
As we now exercise our earned career powers
It is good we were schooled in the likes of you
Our cars still aren’t chic and our dress hasn’t much changed!
We’re still the same NICE and boring men as before!
But even though you may find this quite strange…
Most, if not all, of you we learned to ignore
Maybe we were shy, not assertive enough?
Amazing, though, a kid to father your kids!
(Yeah, that reprobate felon, all stony and tough)
Of that infantile behavior, we are well rid.

Has this filled you in with clues well enough?
Does my poetic effort show refined, not rough?


Alas, you were drawn to that nova like flame
That quickly sundered itself to ash
Ours burn less bright, but steady, not lame
That nova, like Crystal, sure causes a crash!
Now whenever we turn our thoughts to you
And of futures no longer dreamt
Since you paid back our honesty with much to be rued…
We hold all mercenaries in contempt!
We still hope for companionship, but we’ve well learned the score..
As we peruse with interest our scholarly tomes
It is life that we love; only you we abhor
So we wrote our experiences down in this poem

**sigh** and still you ask where the nice men go?
…If you still have to ask…you never will know

Timothy G. L’innomme


A Response to allowing Prayer in the schools

Tuesday, April 16, 2002


On occasion, I am the overjoyed (bah!) recipient of one of those pass-it-along letters bemoaning the fact that prayer is not allowed in our school system. Since I am sure that letter will still show up in my mailbox at some point, and I, to date, have seen no reply of note to that letter, here is my reply.


Some say that no prayer in school
is an ill begotten, odious rule
They protest this rule like stubborn mules
Since those who decreed this must be fools!
So I studied the tomes of history
(no revisionist crap, with its perfidy)
I wanted for myself to see
If it was fools that made the above decree

From times innumerable, again and again I saw
Masses of sheep cowed by Theocratic law
Was it  the wrath of their God they were fearing?
(Or was organized religion social engineering?)
For the acolytes of faith were not God, but man
(who claimed to know the divine plan!)
“And only through me”, said they, “Would God you see!!”
(Why is it they seemed like con men to me?)


Then in the late 1000’s A.D.
The Pope at the time made an onerous decree
Head ye all south to the Jerusalem shrine!
To reclaim it for your God divine!
For the Caliph taunted the Pope to his face
Jerusalem is all ours, this holy place!
(Even a King would not dare wreak that disgrace!)
So came the Crusades to teach heretics their place
And the hypocrites received absolution from God
As they raped, pillaged, murdered, tortured and trod
Upon temple and Mosque, and Statue and Synod
(Such a shining example of government and God!)

Then the early 1200’s came to be
Another power-mad pope with an odious decree
Catharites and Templars committed HERESY!
( The truth: Church coffers were as barren as can be.)
After they slaughtered and excoriated the sinners
It was only the church that ended up winners
With the blood money they earned, they built learned spires
(Was this God’s, or man’s desire?)


The 1500’s brought Protestant flames
Still Religion and Politics though, mixed up the same
The acolytes of power were responsible for this game
(Since we showed they were men, then man is to blame!)
The 1600’s brought learning, but man still had not learned
With the wars of religion, and witches to burn
Galileo was crucified on an Inquisitional Cross
Because the acolytes needed control of man through their god, regardless of loss!

Though explorers sailed the seas
The lands they found were for Christianity
Not at first were these lands for humanity
Which led to even more calamity
But the sanctified excesses of Organized Christianity
Pushed many an objector over the sea
And, while still, there were some calamities
For the first probable time, man was free.


Until, 100-odd years later, there arose a new state
Whose founders sought ills to ameliorate
After much contentious , spirited debate
These men did sunder church and state!
So, now let’s return to the present day
Where many are jealous of the USA
The Theocratic states are all in disarray
As their acolytes still murder and slay.
Because the founding fathers chose to delineate your rights
They debated and argued, day and night
And just in case they did not get it right
They allowed it to grow with futures light.


So now we should allow prayer in our places of learning?
(They do in the Caliphate polyglot)
Because it will soothe our perpetual yearnings?
Or maybe bring peace? (Alas, it will not!)
You say there would be choice in what was preached
(But I have shown you how often that was breached!)
Government, onerous and massively grown
Has proved humans will grind their own
Because when you mesh a church and state
The non-conformists would be branded ingrates,
Heathens, heretics, or worthless liars..
Perfect for fanning a Pogrom’s fire!

Be thankful that it is this way,
Instead of a malignant theocrat holding sway
Such that I can ignore religious decay
While you wait in rapture for judgment day
We are free to worship in our hearts
With little fear of being sundered apart
So on reflection of that allegedly odious rule
I am glad there is no prayer in the schools!

Timothy G. L’innomme


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Monday, September 26, 2005

I am 42 and Single.....So?

     It almost sounds like I am at some sort of Anon meeting; maybe they should call it Singles Anonymous. ‘Hello. My name is Tim and I am 42 and single.’ That is about the time people give me looks of incredulity as they stare in awe, acting as if they discovered a real alien life form. It used to bother me up until a time rather recently. For years I asked myself: Why am I not married yet?  It has only been since I approached then passed 40 did it cease to be a major concern of mine, if still a concern. I remember my teenage years in High School. As I recall, only the real popular ones that fit in had a ‘girlfriend’. I was always on the outside looking in, so I sure as hell did not qualify. Then I remember my twenties. I call that the ‘the wrong’ period of my life. I had the wrong hairdo, the wrong clothing, the wrong personality, the wrong car, the wrong job, etc. It seemed to me that others were not having this problem. This continued into my thirties as well. I got used to being turned down for dates; to this day, I have a high-energy personality. Don’t get me wrong, hyperactivity is not all bad, but it sure as hell got in the way of me finding someone. Through out this time, I got to see just how vicious and mercenary ladies could be when they set their minds. I asked someone out to a concert, they said yes. I bought the tickets and showed up to pick her up; she did not tell me that her boyfriend was there. Another time, I was told after the ‘date’ she was kind of living with someone. This next one is my all time favorite: I was told by a gal on a date that she was kind of pregnant. All that night, her boyfriend was tailing us; I only found this out after the fact. The same thing occurred online when I started meeting people there. It was only a few years ago that I finally realized that I had reached my point of saturation. You wind up married out of love and mutual respect and trust in your partner to want to grow with you and share the bad times and the good. I realize that I never really had a relationship of meaningful consequence in my life. I do not count the time spent with female companions who were only superficially attracted to me at all. When I thought about this, it was no wonder why I was single at all. It is hard to build trust where none ever existed, harder still to get to know the person if they are only willing to give you stolen moments of time and even then solely for their own amusement, and impossible to arrive at a feeling of love when she only sees you for what goods you can purchase or what havoc she can create. After a while, I started seeing the positive side of the situation. I considered that I could manage my own finances and residence on my own just fine. Since I did not have a family, my expenses were minimal; this came in handy when I finally went to college to get my Bachelors Degree; I got loans for the school, but paid bills by delivering pizza 4 days a week. My neighbor next to me in the four-plex where I lived was a 35 year old Guatemalan divorcee. I lived in this barrio environment for two years. One day I was told that she was interested in me, but that I had to make a lot more money first. That called up a red flag immediately: This woman was a mercenary. What use would I have for someone who not only refused to learn any more English than necessary, but expected to be able to stay at home all day to boot? I admit that I was interested in her until this information was revealed to me. I wanted to learn more and still do; I may go back to school and get my Masters Degree. This gal only wanted to snag a husband and felt that was her only job. How would you feel if you were treated that way? I learned to walk away. Another positive to my situation was that when I decided to move away from Nevada, I only had to ask myself if I wanted to move. The answer was yes. It was a lot of hard work packing everything and making the arrangements, but I am proud to say I did it. Having someone else to help would have been nice, but not necessary. Could it be my independence is a barrier to my finding someone? I do not know, I only know that if the bills were not paid, then I could only blame myself. That may be a hard habit to break. Another question I asked myself was whether or not I was bitter over my experiences? I think I was at one time, but no more. I think in a way the tables have turned; the work I put into learning back then is paying off now; if you wish to catch my eye, intelligence and especially honesty are things I value more than looks. Maybe there is someone out there who would also want to start a family.

Preamble for what the Future may bring

Welcome to my Blog!

     I finally decided to make one of these ever since I saw my friend, Rebecca, having so much fun with hers. Maybe you are wondering, what will be in this Blog? As the title suggests, I suppose I have become a bit jaded; I have seen more for my years I think than many people my age have. I still possess a positive outlook on life though; I make no apology for my black humor; it comes with the territory I suppose. I am the youngest of six baby-boomer kids born between 1955 and 1962. As much as I would like to say it was a Brady Bunch sort of existence, it was not. The positives of a rich learning environment and being born with a stainless steel spoon were offset by the sibling animosities  (which still exist to this day) and the unhealthy level of competitiveness engendered in us by our parents. The parents have both passed on, so they will be on no issue here; whether or not my siblings view this, oh well. The posts on here will be on a variety of topics, from personal items of note to commentary on global and national happenings. One of my favorite pastimes is reading; something which I am told I taught myself at less than 3 years old. Does that mean I am some sort of prodigy? I would never be that arrogant or full of myself; it is the one thing I found that I can do extremely well. The Bard part of the post has to do with the fact that for school, I read a good amount of Shakespeare; my signature is also an utterance from one of his plays; Julius Caesar. Be also advised that though I have a good command of the English language, some may find my termage or commentary rather harsh. With that said, I hope you enjoy this blog; it is not here to entertain as much as it is for a sounding board for me.