Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Okay, President Barack Obama, I will accept August as Muslim Awareness Month....but

According to our President, August will now be Muslim Awareness Month and rather than bloviate against the concept of such a thing, I decided that perhaps it would be a good idea to become more aware of Muslims in our midst. I even compiled a list of what you can do to further this cause during the month of August:

- If you notice any strange activity at any airport near your location, you should call it in to Homeland Security or the FBI. If the pilot has a beard and a Qur'an in hand, he might be practicing for yet another irrational attack upon the USA. You will also want to be aware of any luggage a Muslim brings along on a flight; there could be a bomb in their belongings and if they say it was a gift from Uncle Ahmed, put their uncle on a No Fly list too. Better yet, give ICE a call; the more Federal agencies involved in MAM, the better. If the pilots can be deported before they fly another plane into a building (or even while they are in transit), you will validate multiple Federal Agencies who can then report back to Obama of how they were made aware of Muslims in August. This will come in handy during budget review time.

- Read the Qur'an. This is not an attempt at mass conversion but only to show how misanthropic and misogynistic the Prophet was (and how many of his followers still are in this modern day). You will need the information in the Qur'an for the next part of MAM. If you don't read the Qur'an, you will be at the mercy of the proselytizers of Islam and that would mean you are not being aware. If that was the case, you might even start believing the Muslims when they say that they only want peace. (They want peace but it involves you and I no longer existing amongst the living. (See what happens when you are not aware? You didn't know that Islam means most anything other than peace. It means submission to God, intolerance for the beliefs of others and the right (at the behest of Allah) to kill anyone not of their faith!!!) Does that still sound peaceful?

- If you have read the Qur'an, this next step is very important. Be aware of any Muslims that are around you. At some point, they will attempt to discuss their faith with you and instead of blindly accepting what they wish to spoon feed you regarding Islam, you will know the actual truths behind their words. A Muslim will hide behind their faith using something called dissimilation. It is a form of lying that is used to shield the truth of not only their faith, but anything in general. The Hashashin disappeared behind a web of such in the 13th century. When you see a male follower of Islam curse at an attractive female, he will say it is because he doesn't like her disrespecting herself by dressing the way she does but in reality, he is cursing at her because she arouses him and that is entirely her fault. Only a niqab can alleviate that sin and even then, a Muslim man is allowed to beat his wife (or even kill her under certain conditions). When he or she says that omniciders are not truly of the faith of Islam, it means that the omniciders ARE of Islam but he or she doesn't have a majority of Muslim followers behind them to truthfully answer. That concept arises out of a early treaty made at Hudaibiya. Mohammed and his faithful made peace at that time and place...until they had built up enough force to abrogate the treaty. If a follower of Islam is outnumbered, he or she will speak dissimilating lies in the hope that you will believe such things. There are peaceful Muslims but there is no peaceful Islam. Any not of Islam are infidels and it is the duty of all true Muslims to exterminate or convert the infidels that they find. There is no middle ground.

- Be aware of how Muslim factions fight their battles. They will not hesitate to set up redoubts in and around civilian populations. When the redoubt is destroyed, they can show pictures of dead civilians to prove that their enemies are attempting genocide. The omniciders they support will not hesitate to kill their own to get at the enemy; those of their own that are killed will go to heaven as martyrs. (The men at least will do so; the Qur'an doesn't mention any women in heaven except as houris. (In other words, an after-world slave...some reward!). The Qur'an states no recriminatory action in its pages (possible penalty for cultural misbehavior); if you die fighting the infidel, you go to heaven or if you die from an infidel while being of the faith of Islam, you also go o heaven. When this is taken into account along with a Hudaibiya treaty mentality, it will prove that Muslims can't be trusted. A Muslim who makes peace with an infidel without intending to kill the infidel later is also an infidel...

- Be aware of what Shari'a Law really is.  Since Shari'a is based on the Qur'an and the Qur'an is considered to be a holy tome, than Shari'a Law is based on a theocratic other words, rule by Shari'a is a theocracy. At such a base level, human females are basically chattel that is worth less than even livestock, Under shari'a, most everything in the Qur'an is considered law inviolate and the implications of such are rather chilling. If you owe a debt to someone, your children can be kidnapped to cover that debt. (If your daughter is kidnaped, forced marriage and forcible rape can be the result). Under Adhl (guardianship). the male designated as a female's guardian can take all of the money she earns and control her life down to the smallest level until she is married off to someone. The guardian would lose the money she earned as a result so why marry off any of those who are his charges? Honor killing is still allowed in much of the Muslim world along with female genital mutilation. The western world determined centuries ago that theocracy wouldn't work; shari'a law is no different.

- As you debunk their dissimilation, be aware of Muslims acting in a suspicious manner. (Anyplace that might be a target of interest from omnicider scum should measure awareness by either how much they have beefed up their arsenal or how many fundies they have exterminated.) Report all suspicious activity to law enforcement. After all, this is Muslim Awareness Month and we do not want to disappoint our POTUS.

- Be aware of any nice and actual peaceful things Muslims are doing. They aren't all Qur'an brainwashed intolerant omnicidal dirt of the earth; you may even find some who actively speak out and condemn the status quo. They will be few and far between but they should also be part of being aware.

At the end of the month, there will be discussion to see just how much more aware we are on September first than we were on August first.

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