Wednesday, October 30, 2013

**Evil Demon Spawn sighted in Washington D.C.**

Actual opposing political figures or Twin Demon Spawn?

This picture was taken on the day another alleged 'government shutdown' occurred. I know that the above politicians aren't related but you could have fooled me when I saw this picture. We are supposed to respect these people as elder statesman but shall we do so while they are laughing up their sleeves at us? Does Washington D.C. shape the people there or do the people there shape Washington D.C.? If the former is true, we have concrete proof of it in the picture above. One of them might be a Democrat and the other a Republican but when it comes time to shaft the electorate yet again, they are crossing the aisle as they make a career out of serving themselves versus the people. If the assholes in D.C. can't come up with a budget ( they haven't in four years), what in hell good are they? If another 'government shutdown' comes to be, we should close Congress and lay off the President while we leave the WW II memorial open.