Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Full Speed Ahead to Stasis or ?????

I know it has been awhile since I posted to this blog, but things seem to be either caught in a state of change or a change to stasis; I don’t know. I no longer work for Goodwill Industries; I got a clarion call of sorts about a week ago when I resigned. A week ago Friday I managed to sprain my back; was it long term aggravation or was it from the previous Monday when I thought that working on one of the Goodwill trucks would be better? The driver did not want to do any work at all once we got to the plant; I unloaded a medium sized truck full of furniture ranging from light to extremely heavy unaided for the most part. If you ever have sprained your back, it is most unpleasant. You can not bend over or sit at all; if you manage to sit, it is so much fun getting up when your back muscles spasm. As much as I actually liked digging through the donations people brought (It is amazing what the donate sometimes!), it is not worth getting a REAL back injury to myself. I should have not transferred in hind sight, but that’s how it goes. The bottom line is that Goodwill does not want educated people working on the floor and especially not as a Donor Greeter. It is amusing also in hind sight that most of the assistant managers (they call them ATL’s – Assistant Team Leaders) are middle-aged women with very little formal education. They treat their areas of management as their own private little fiefdoms; woe to any who cross their path. If you are in charge of part of a salvage operation, of what are you really in charge? I would better be able to understand the territoriality if the work was of a higher (much higher) scale, but this? I do believe that my days of hard physical labor are over with for good; risking a back injury is not worth the princely sum they were paying me. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree and will be paying for it forever it seems via monthly debits from my checking account; I assuredly can find some better sort of compensation that requires more brains. I have the blueprints for the house I want built; all that needs to happen now is for someone to buy a piece of real estate I am selling. I am quickly learning about how slow some things proceed in this neck of the woods; it is only recently I have started to slow down to match the pace of living here. Also, congratulations SCOTUS Affiliate Alito! Maybe The US Constitution will be defended versus being compromised. I will be posting again very soon, and in a more timely manner.