Tuesday, September 30, 2014

An open letter to the Narcotraficantes, cartels and coyoites on the Mwexican Border

I can imagine that you are laughing it up and celebrating over how you made a planned border protest get cancelled because you promised a bloodbath in return. I fully understand your positions. The USA has a failed and illegal War On Drugs campaign, we have lots of people that want your head medications and you have them to sell. (I suppose that there is also still profit to be made running illegals too but this letter doesnt't concern the Coyotes as is does the Drug Cartels. The Coyotes aren't the ones who have made the US/Mexico Border a dangerous place.) The USA is a business friendly place but that isn't why this letter is being posted.

As of late, you Drug Cartel people have been thumping on the war drums and actively threatening American citizens and Law Enforcement on our side of the border. You may think that we are quaking in our boots with fear but you can adopt that mindset at your own peril. All that you have accomplished is to kill off border tourism because of your pointless and inane acts of violence, made plenty of Americans disgusted with Mexico an general and pissed off even more people than that are disgusted. I decided that it was time to explain some things of consequence to you using this medium because you would never listen to the alleged 'fearful Yankees'.An eagle never shows fear...it watches instead.

We are far better armed than you are.

Unlike Mexico, the USA has very liberal firearm laws; in fact, AZ is open/loaded carry without a permit. Since there are a lot of ranches in TX and AZ, you can bet that rifles and pistols abound in some places. This in in addition to the military bases we have in TX. NM, AZ and CA. WHile you may THINK that you control the whole border, you only control your side of it along with the Federales you have bought off with your blood money. What has that gained you? The Mexican side of the border is all but closed off to any AMericans wanting to visit; they will fly out to Cozumel instead where they will be safe from you and your kind. We do not bang the war drums in your direction because we don't need to. The USA is the most tolerant nation state in existence but you do not want to piss us off...which leads us to the next item of note.

ISIS wants you dead as much as us.

Unless you happen to be of the Muslim faith, ISIS would consider you to also be infidels and thus they are obliged to kill you too. ISIS has already declared war on the USA and we are about to reciprocate the action. Throwing in with them wouldn't be very smart. We will not have any big productions showing us beheading people or videos of our intention to wage war except possibly for a press announcement; by the time you realize the USA has declared war upon you, you will already be overrun and exterminated. That is what happens when you declare war on the USA. You were beat in Texas in 1836 and in 1848, we went down to Mexico City witout too much problem. Germany tried to get Mexico to attack the USA in 1914 but even then, wiser heads prevailed. You would do no better and perhaps this time we wouldn't stop until we are at Belize and Guatemala. (You only have 696 miles of border there versus 1,920 miles with the USA. That sounds like it would be easier to control.)

We have had enough of your corruption both in Mexico and in the USA

From what I have seen and studied, corruption is a way of life doen there. We were hoping Vicente Fox would put an end to at least some of it but he eventually also became part of the problem. Does it surprise you now that Mexico is a Class III country regarding Americans travelling there? If you have law enforcement so corrupt that your rights may not even be respected, there is something awfully wrong. You have way too many poor and impoverished people considering that you have oil wealth; who is stealing that money? The corruption in Mexico generates even more disgust and ill feelings in the USA. We would like to see you clean up your own house but as to what it may take for that to happen...who knows.

You haven't stopped with Mexico; even now it is being discovered that you are sending blood money to movements in the USA who want to keep the drugs illegal here. We will find the ones taking your money and out them as illegal political entities and then confiscate the funds they have. With each atrocity that you commit, more people are realizing that the War on Drugs is pointless and causes more problems then it solves and once your marijuana revenue is gone, we will concentrate on other controlled substances and their revenue streams.

You are in power due in part to our War on Drugs. We helped wipe out the Cali and Medellin cartels but we left a power vacuum that you filled. After demoting Bolivia, Colombia and Peru to raw materials supply, you took over the production and shipping aspect of things. Enioy what power you have while you have it because change is coming whether you like it or not and even your blood money won't stop thing in the long run. We made you,,,and we can unmake you. What sort of things?

Your acts of violence will only cause a faster pace of change in multiple venues.

If you expected to shock people like me with your beheading video, you are way too late. I have watched so much ME violence that is no longer has an effect on me. What will eventually happen on the US/Mexico border does concern you though. While a 1,920 mile long wall under full watch will keep out most of the unwelcome human refuse on your side, multiple Ellis Island style processing facilities will kill off almost all illegal immigration. What will you do when there will be almost no point (or means) to smuggle illegals across the border or send any serious quantites of drugs the same way? Like I said, manufacturing facilities for controlled substances in the USA will generate revenue for the states and the toxic byproducts would be controlled. You would be cut off from your US customer base and we would have our own in house production facilities. Perhaps there would be some actual housecleaning in Mexico so keep on chopping up your competition and leaving them in piles; it will only accelerte the change that is coming. When it is realized that you are interfering with Mexico moving forward, your time may then come especially when you are bereft of any income.


Am I beating a war drum? No, I am only stating cold and hard facts. People are only willing to tolerate so much before they change their mindset and if you wish to be a part of the future, you had best start modifying some of your present behaviors.