Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Regarding the Transfoprmers Movie Reviews... Enough Already

Transformers: The Last Knight recently appeared in theatres and like clockwork, the naysayer critics gather for the feast. They complain about everything in the movies from their runtime to the noise level in some scenes but after their latest round of  verbal vitriol, I finally had to say... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

How could you expect such movies to be quiet when you consider the main players? The robots are 15 meters tall in some cases and bristling with ordnance (in addition to swords and maces). Are they going to be like Jimmy Carter with his d├ętente or are they going to pound the crap out of each other?

As for the plots, I had no problem following them. (Of course if you read some backstory on the Transformers, you wouldn't either.) Having an intricate plot made the movies that much more watchable. If I had any objection to the movies, it was excessive screaming female. My head didn't hurt after watching the movies because I was entertained.

The five movies were savaged by critics but they made a lot of money at the box office. That alone should tell you something. These are probably the same critics who spoke out against the recent Les Miserables because it wasn't all happy and upbeat. If you had watched the Opera (I did with the original cast) or read Victor Hugo's novel (I did), you would realize the musical movie was supposed to be bittersweet. (If you want insipid happy musical garbage, go watch Disney's Anastasia)

What will be in Transformers 6? I am hoping that Wreck-Gar and Company are in it along with Sharkticons but I wonder how hard it would be to create them? Would Andrew Sirkis be needed?

In conclusion, it would be a wise move to noty pay attention to critic reviews if they are going to be so blatantly biased. Watch the movies in question and rate them yourself.

A Jaded Bard